Recycling Keeps Surfboards Out Of Landfills

Recycle: To treat or process (used or waste materials) so as to make suitable for reuse. To alter or adapt for new use without changing the essential form or nature of.

Roughly 1,000 surfboards are made every day between Los Angeles and Mexico. 20% of the foam used to make these boards is ultimately scrapped, creating a giant waste stream, not to mention the toxic products used to cure the boards.  Most surfboards that are no longer seaworthy end up in landfills.

But there’s hope!  It turns out that ground-up surfboards act as a great agent to increase volume in asphalt and concrete. Discarded surfboards can be pulverized down to dust with a percentage introduced into concrete and asphalt mixes to create roads and several other products such as lightweight fireproof roof-tiles, tabletops, sidewalks and skate parks.

And of course, used surfboards can be used in art projects. Artists use anything from fins and broken bits to complete boards for use as a "canvas" or substrate. Mosaics, mixed media works and fine art paintings can be created out of or on something that would have otherwise been buried in the dump.

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Work In Progess

Work in Progress. A 6'2" Haut Thruster from Santa Cruz. Lots of delamination on this old soul, pulled from oblivion and dragged back into the light. Stained and Vitreous Glass are slowly working their way across the deck...

Pacific Expression 6'2". Choosing colors.

Sky Dog 9'0". Half way done with the biggest/longest and widest board that I've taken on. Lots of tiles... After this, I'll be ready for a nice short board!

Nezzy Shapes 6'2" by Tom Nesbitt. Rescued from the trash at Gleneden Beach. Thanks to Craig in Waldport for saving it from oblivion.

Walker Surfboard Fish 5'2". Started as 6'2" but someone took a foot off the nose.

Walker Surfboard 5'2". This board was chopped down by a previous owner to make a fish - didn't work too well. I'm getting this board ready for da Vinci Days Community Art Project - the theme this year is Fish

Speed Egg. Ron Jon Surfboard? Got this one with it's nose busted off and some serious indentations in the deck.

Morning Glass Surfboard 6'0". You can still see part of the original design on the bottom of the deck. I incorporated part of the design into the sky.

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