It’s nice to think if aliens were to land on earth, the arts would be operating on some kind of an elevated level, and that they’re collectively going to present the human experience in a way that goes beyond language and literal references and politics and logic and finality. If every creative spirit everywhere was allowed to and encouraged to just go off and really do their little Johnny Appleseed thing, across the board too, not just the visual arts, but that creative and idealistic element in everybody’s involvement in everything they do. If there was no inhibition to just go off and take it all higher and farther and better and more out there and, I don’t know, I guess that’s the stuff they invented laws for, to keep all that in check. But man, just imagine.

-Chris Lundy


Photo & Art Archives


My son Evan posing with our dumpster score from the defunct Beacon's Restaurant. 1995


My daughter Kindra at Beacons. 2010

Evan sitting on the bench outside George's Restaurant in Encinitas. 1995

First time back in the water after a year break for knee surgery. Kindra and me. Kauai 2006

Building the pyramids. Egypt (Leucadia) 1976

Encinitas 1973 - the kneeboard era

Baja Mexico 1975

Art, Evan, Philip. Leucadia

A wall mural I did at 16. South Pasadena 1971

Faux Stained Glass. 1975
Copied from Surfing Mag Cover

Preparing for an epic 1200 mile road trip down Mainland Mexico. Surf Safari Trailer I painted at 17. 1972

Road to the once sleepy Sayulita and Punta de Mita. 1972

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