Recycled Surfboard Mosaic Art

100% Recycled Surfboards

A life-long love of surfing mixed with an equally strong infatuation for mosaic art has compelled me to devise a way to bring the two together. A mostly self-taught mosaic artist, I've been doodling waves on anything and everything for 40 years. The doodles are still the same, only now they are moored in glass tile.

A California expat currently living in the Pacific Northwest, adapting to the gray winter months continues to be a challenge for me. My cure is color therapy, saturating my mosaics with as much color as possible using the brightest glass I can find. I use recycled surfboards exclusively. These are old, dinged up, left for dead and often broken in two surfboards that are no longer seaworthy and otherwise headed for the landfill.

Born in Southern California, I started surfing in 1969; first on belly and knee boards, and ultimately evolving into a fully upright surfer. Ventura County Line, Zuma, Manhatten Beach, Huntington, Newport, Leucadia, and Cardiff by the Sea were a few of my most popular surfing destinations. I now enjoy riding mostly uncrowded waves on the Oregon coast. Neoprene is standard equipment up here - it's cold, but the waves are fun, the views are incredible, and the surfers are usually laid back. A combination that's hard to beat!

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